Photography Tours

CIMG4916Have you ever wanted to get up-close and personal to the animals at Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary for a photo? Now is your chance! HPZS is now offering Photography Tours where you and up to three of your friends will receive a special, behind-the-scenes tour, specifically for photography.

Photography Tours are $100 per person for a two hour tour. Reservations are limited to four people due to space and must be made at least 14 days before tour dates. To reserve your space today, please call the Education Coordinator at (928)778-4242 ext 18. Photo tour dates are subject to availability.

Unlike our Behind-the-Scenes Group Tours (we have one set in April and one in November), these are private to you or your group. Our scheduled classes are open to the public and you'll tour the grounds with whoever signs up. That class is also an hour, while this one lasts for two hours. Finally, with these tours, you get to pick the time and date you'd like to attend - you have two specific options the other way.

Both will provide great content, it just depends on what you're interested in and available for. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us!