Breakfast with the Animals

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Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary hosts breakfasts each year with the sanctuary's most iconic animals. Last year, we expanded our breakfast to include two more animals (Clouded Leopards, Deer). This year we have partnered up with Pink Bird Health and Outlaw donuts to provide first a first class breakfast.

"Breakfast with the Animals" includes a breakfast in front of the spotlight animal, a special animal feeding and keeper talk, and an animal craft for the kids. It is the best way to learn more and feel closer to your favorite sanctuary resident(s)! Breakfasts run from 9:00 am to 10:30 am on Saturday mornings. After breakfast, you're welcome to roam the park at your leisure.

Reservations for all Breakfasts are required - and go quickly - so please call in advance to get your name added to the registration list. Payment in full is due at the time of reservation. Please call 928.778.4242 for more information or to make your reservation today!

2018 Breakfast with the Animals Schedule

April 14: Bengal Tiger 

May 12: Clouded Leopards

June 9: Mule Deer / Pronghorn

July 14: Galapagos Tortoises

August 11: Mountain Lion

September 8: Black Bear

October 13: Mexican Gray Wolf


HPZS Members:

  • Adults: $20
  • Children: $10


  • Adults: $25
  • Children: $15

Breakfast Sponsors: pink bird health 1    outlaw donuts