Adopt an Animal at Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

When you adopt an animal, you help support the animal at HPZS as well as the rescue and education programs. As a bonus, you also receive: IMG 3696cropped

  • A framed photo of the animal of your choice
  • A personalized certificate of adoption
  • A fact sheet about your animal
  • Your name on a plaque in front of the animal’s enclosure
  • An exclusive invitation to this year's Adoptive Parents' Picnic.

The following animals are available for symbolic adoption:

peacock2$75 Level

Rabbit, Peacock, Tortoise, Lizard, Snake, Macaw, Tarantula

owl3$125 Level

Owl, Coati, Porcupine, Hawk, Falcon,  Lemur, Raccoon, Raven, Vulture, Tamarin, Marmoset

CIMG0423$200 Level

Alpaca, Llama, Sheep, Potbellied Pig, Goat, Deer, Emu, Javelina, Pronghorn, Wallaby

 MG 05718X10$500 Level

Bobcat, Coyote, Bald Eagle, Fox, Horse, Serval, Golden Eagle


 MG 0583$750 Level

Bear, Mountain Lion, Tiger, Mexican Wolf


Animal Adoptions also make great gifts!

Animal Sponsorships also available.

CLICK HERE for a brochure or call (928)778-4242 for more information.